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Service; Self Help - Siemens HE2212U Use And Care Manual

Xtronic electric convection range
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Replacing an Oven Light


Self Help

The Cooktop
Table 12: Cooktop Troubleshooting Chart
Cooktop Problem
Element cycles more than
A slight odor is noticeable
when an element is turned on
Cooktop controls will not turn
Scraper is not working prop-
Cooking results are not what
was expected.
Element cycles on the highest
Each light assembly consists of a removable lens, a light bulb and a light socket
housing that is fixed in place.
Make sure the oven and light(s) are cool and power to the oven has
been turned off before replacing the light bulb(s). Failure to do so could
result in electrical shock or burns.
The lens must be in place when using the oven.
The lens serves to protect the light bulb from breaking.
The lens is made of glass. Handle carefully to avoid breaking. Broken
glass could cause an injury.
Light socket is live when door is open.
1. Read the WARNING above.
2. Turn off power at the main power supply (fuse or breaker box).
3. Remove the lens by unscrewing it.
4. Remove the light bulb from its socket by unscrewing it.
5. Replace the bulb with a new 40 watt appliance bulb. Avoid touching the bulb
with fingers, as oils from hands can damage the bulb when it becomes hot.
6. Screw the lens back on.
7. Turn power back on at the main power supply (fuse or breaker box).
Use these suggestions before calling for service to avoid service charges.
Possible Causes and Suggested Solutions
Pan base is warped and not making full contact with heating surface.
Base diameter of pan is too small for the size of the element.
Pan ingredients have boiled dry.
Material of pan is a poor heat conductor; heat transfers too slowly
This is normal with new cooktops and will disappear after several uses
Range is not receiving power. Check the power source to see if a fuse has blown or
if the circuit breaker tripped. Check cord to see if it is inserted completely into outlet.
Cooktop panel is locked. Press and hold PANEL LOCK until indicator light turns off.
The scraper blade is dull. The scraper is packaged with single-edge, stainless steel
blades. Replace with a standard single-edge blade.
The cooktop is not level. Adjust leveling legs on bottom of range.
Cooking pan is not the appropriate size or type. See "Cookware Selection Guide".
This is normal. The temperature limiter operates automatically to protect the glass
ceramic surface from extreme high temperature damage.
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Table of Contents

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