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Table 5-1
Computer Setup—Main (continued)
Apply Factory Defaults
and Exit
Ignore Changes and Exit
Save Changes and Exit
Computer Setup—Security
Support for specific Computer Setup options may vary depending on the hardware configuration.
Table 5-2
Computer Setup—Security
Create BIOS
Administrator Password
Change BIOS
Administrator Password
(This selection is active
only if a BIOS
administrator password is
Create POST Power-On
Change POST Power-On
(This selection is active
only if a POST Power-On
password is set.)
Password Policies
Chapter 5 Computer Setup (F10) Utility
Restores the factory system configuration settings to the computer after rebooting. Does not apply to
options in the Security menu.
Exits Computer Setup without applying or saving any changes.
Saves changes to current system configuration, exits Computer Setup, and reboots.
Lets you set and enable a BIOS administrator password, which controls access to the following features:
Setup Menu (F10)
3rd Party Option ROM Management (F3)
Update system ROM
WMI commands that change system settings
BIOS Configuration Utility (BCU)
Alternative power-on password
Creating a BIOS user disables the Fast Boot option.
If the password is set, it is required to change Computer Setup options, update the BIOS, and
make changes to certain plug and play settings under Windows.
Lets you change the BIOS administrator password.
You must know the current password to be able to change it.
Lets you set and enable a BIOS power-on password. The power-on password prompt appears after a
power cycle or reboot. If the user does not enter the correct power-on password, the unit will not boot.
Administrator password may be used at the power-on password prompt.
Lets you change the POST Power-On password.
You must know the current password to be able to change it.
Let you set the guidelines for a valid password. Options include:
Password minimum length
Requires at least one symbol
Requires at least one number
Requires at least one upper case character


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