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Recommended Materials And Equipment; Operating Guidelines - HP ProDesk 400 G4 Maintenance And Service Manual

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Recommended materials and equipment

Materials and equipment that are recommended for use in preventing static electricity include:
Antistatic tape
Antistatic smocks, aprons, or sleeve protectors
Conductive bins and other assembly or soldering aids
Conductive foam
Conductive tabletop workstations with ground cord of one-megohm +/- 10% resistance
Static-dissipative table or floor mats with hard tie to ground
Field service kits
Static awareness labels
Wrist straps and footwear straps providing one-megohm +/- 10% resistance
Material handling packages
Conductive plastic bags
Conductive plastic tubes
Conductive tote boxes
Opaque shielding bags
Transparent metallized shielding bags
Transparent shielding tubes

Operating guidelines

To prevent overheating and to help prolong the life of the computer:
Keep the computer away from excessive moisture, direct sunlight, and extremes of heat and cold.
Operate the computer on a sturdy, level surface. Leave a 10.2-cm (4-inch) clearance on all vented sides
of the computer and above the monitor to permit the required airflow.
Never restrict the airflow into the computer by blocking any vents or air intakes. Do not place the
keyboard, with the keyboard feet down, directly against the front of the desktop unit as this also
restricts airflow.
Occasionally clean the air vents on all vented sides of the computer. Lint, dust, and other foreign matter
can block the vents and limit the airflow. Be sure to unplug the computer before cleaning the air vents.
Never operate the computer with the cover or side panel removed.
Do not stack computers on top of each other or place computers so near each other that they are subject
to each other's re-circulated or preheated air.
If the computer is to be operated within a separate enclosure, intake and exhaust ventilation must be
provided on the enclosure, and the same operating guidelines listed above will still apply.
Keep liquids away from the computer and keyboard.
Chapter 3 Routine care, SATA drive guidelines, and disassembly preparation


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