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Backup Battery - Siemens SIMATIC Box PC 840 Manual

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Welcome to the SIMATIC Box PC 840
Risk of data error when burning a CD-RW!
The quality of recordable CDs vary considerably, data error can therefore not be
completey ruled out when writing a CD, even when no error message is displayed.
Correctly written data can only be guaranteed by an additional comparison with
the source data. To ensure an error-free copying process do a data comparison
after every burning session.

Backup Battery

A backup battery (3.6 V lithium battery) powers the hardware clock even after the
programming device is switched off.
In this device there is a battery below the device fan. Batteries may only be
exchanged by technical personnel. Observe the local regulations on the disposal of
special waste when disposing of dead batteries. Refer to Section 4.3 for exchan-
ging the backup battery.
There is the danger of an explosion if the battery is not exchanged as directed.
Replace only with the same type or an equivalent type recommended by the
manufacturer. Dispose of used batteries in accordance with the manufacturer's
Risk of severe personal injury or property damage, danger of release of harmful
There may be a danger of explosion if the battery is not handled properly.
Incorrect disposal of used batteries can cause the release of harmful substances.
Do not throw a new or discharged lithium battery into an open fire, do not solder
onto the cell container. Do not recharge the battery, do not open the battery by
The correct lithium battery is available from Siemens (order no.: W79084-E1003-B1).
Return used batteries to the manufacturer/recycler or dispose of them according to
local regulations.
SIMATIC Box PC 840 Manual


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