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Restoring The Hard Disk - Siemens SIMATIC Box PC 840 Manual

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Reinstallation of the Software

Restoring the Hard Disk

Creating Partitions under Microsoft Windows Me
After installing a new hard disk it is necessary to create partitions with the program
"FDisk" when the partitions have errors or need to be changed.
By deleting or creating partitions or logical DOS hard drives all saved data is lost
on the hard disk. All drives on the hard disk will be erased.
The hard disk is delivered with the following installed (only for Windows Me
– a partition of the PRI DOS type, FAT 32 system,
– a partition of the EXT DOS type, FAT 32 system.
To restore the partitions to their original condition, please proceed as follows:
Primary Partition
1. To boot from the Windows 98 CD proceed as follows: When the BIOS message
Press <F2> to enter Setup
appears on the screen press the ESC key. After initialization a boot menu to
select the boot options is displayed.
2. Select "ATAPI CD ROM Drive".
3. When "Microsoft Windows 98 Startup Menu" is displayed, select
"2. Boot for FDISK, FORMAT or Windows Me Setup".
4. Start the Microsoft Windows 98 hard disk configuration program using
In the dialog box for large disk support select "[ Y]" for Yes when prompted "Do
you wish to enable large disk support (Y/N)...?" to create a FAT 32 partition.
5. Create a primary DOS partition with at least 4090 MB. When prompted "Do you
want to use the maximum available memory for creating the primary DOS
partition and do you want this partition to be activated?" select "[N]" for No for a
FAT 32 partition and then enter the desired partition size, for example,
6100 MB.
6. Set this partition as an active partition.
7. To format the partition from the Recovery CD, as described above in steps 1 to
3, reboot and then format drive C: with the "Format" program. Enter:
"A:\>Format C:"
(A: is the CD-ROM drive).
SIMATIC Box PC 840 Manual


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