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Uniden Mystic Operating Manual page 40

Full vhf/gps mapping
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Mystic Page 38 Wednesday, August 13, 2003 5:26 PM
Projection your Map Orientation will change to "Track Up" so you may
need to change that when you are done viewing the projected terrain. If
you change Orientation to something other then Track Up while viewing
the Terrain Projection, the default Two Data Fields is displayed.
Changing the Orientation back to "Track Up" will revert back to the
projected terrain.
Changing the Map Orientation — You can change how the map is
orientated on the screen to either North Up, Course Up or Track Up.
Default is North Up.
North Up North is at the top of the screen.
Course Up The heading of the active leg of the active route is at the top of
the screen.If no route is active,North Up orientation is used until a route is
Track Up Your heading (i.e.,the direction you are travelling)is at the top of
the screen.
Selecting Primary Usage — The Meridian can be set to either Land or
Marine Usage. When in Land (default), the map displays land areas in
white and water areas as dark gray. For marine applications it may be
desirable to reverse the display, showing water as white and land as dark
gray. This will make reading some of the data information on the water
Selecting Track Mode — Allows you to set how often the Meridian stores
track points. Setting the mode to "OFF" stops the Meridian from saving
any new track points. In "Auto" or "Auto Detailed" mode, the Meridian uses
a method for track point storage that maximizes memory.
Using Auto, you will see more points on and near turns and less points on
straight stretches of the map. You also have the option of selecting fixed
iSetting the Track Mode to "OFF" will cause severe limitations to the ability
of your Meridian to create a backtrack route. The same temporary
waypoints used to create the displayed track are used to compute a
backtrack route. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use the
"Auto" Track Mode whenever possible.
Auto vs. Auto Detailed. You will notice two of the options for the Track
Mode are Auto (default) and Auto Detailed. Basically, both options behave
the same. While your are travelling in a straight line, only a few track
points are taken, but as you turn, the Meridian increases the rate of track



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