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Uniden Mystic Operating Manual page 35

Full vhf/gps mapping
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Mystic Page 33 Wednesday, August 13, 2003 5:26 PM
Provides the scale for the map. The number displayed represents
approximately 1/4 of the screen's width. Scale can be changed with the
IN and OUT buttons.
Waypoint Name
Whenever the cursor is over a map object, the name of the map object is
displayed, otherwise the word "cursor" appears. The data shown in the
information block is the heading and distance from your present position
to the cursor.
Setting the Map Detail — The detail of the map can be set to highest, high,
medium, low or lowest. This changes the zoom level that different map
objects (cities, highways, labels, etc.) are displayed. If you have set a
zoom level and the display is too cluttered, set the map detail to a lower
level; conversely set it to a higher level to view more detail. The default is
Customizing the Map Display
The Map screen can be customized for your individual needs and
requirements. You can select what is being displayed on the map as well
as what additional data will be presented at the bottom of the screen.
Customization is broken into two parts; what items are displayed on the
map and what data fields (if any) are displayed at the bottom of the
Selecting Map Items
Turning On/Off Display Waypoints — Turns on or off the waypoints on the
Map screen. Default is On.
Turning On/Off Track Lines — As you move, your track history is normally
displayed on the map screen represented by a dashed line. This function
allows you to turn off or on these lines. Default is On.
Turning On/Off Topographic Lines — [Available only if a map has been
uploaded from a Magellan MapSend Topo for the United States CD-ROM]
This function will hide all topo lines and topographic information. Default is
Turning On/Off Displayed POI's — [Available only if a map has been
uploaded from a Magellan MapSend CD-ROM] Allows you to select
which, if any, POIs that have been uploaded from a MapSend product to
be displayed. Default is On.



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