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Creating A Goto Route - Uniden Mystic Operating Manual

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Mystic Page 20 Wednesday, August 13, 2003 5:26 PM
stored in your User Waypoint List) or any of the landmarks that come with
the MYSTIC in its built-in database.
The uses for a GOTO route are endless. You could mark the location of
your mooring location or launch location as home. You could also mark a
hot fishing spot you found, and next season come back to the exact same

Creating a GOTO Route

Press the [GOTO] button. That takes
you to the GOTO database screen.
Select the Waypoint Category.
Use p and q to move the highlight through the list of waypoint
categories. The first category in the list is "User" . These are all
the waypoints you have already entered into your MYSTIC. The
remaining categories are ones that have waypoints which have
been preloaded into your MYSTIC and are stored in permanent
Select Find By.
There are two options of "Find By": Alphabetical and Nearest To.
Selecting Alphabetical will display all the waypoints in the
category you select in alphabetic order. Nearest To will display a
list of the 20 waypoints nearest to your position or waypoint you
select in order of their distance away.
Use t or u to select the desired method.
GOTO database



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