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Uniden Mystic Operating Manual page 36

Full vhf/gps mapping
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Mystic Page 34 Wednesday, August 13, 2003 5:26 PM
Globally Turn Map Items On/Off — If you have uploaded map data from a
MapSend product, you will notice that the list of POIs can be extremely
lengthy. To aide you in the customization of the display you can turn
everything on or off globally.
To turn off all map items, follow these instructions.
After you have turned off all of the map items, you can go back and just
select the POIs that you want to view. Please note that this function will
also turn off waypoints, track lines and, if applicable, topo lines. Be sure to
turn these back on if you want to see them.
Inversely, to globally turn on all of the map items, follow the above steps
but select "Mark All" instead of "Clear All".
Setting Up Map Data Fields — The following options are available ONLY if
you are in the Position Mode of the Map screen. If you are in the cursor
mode, press the [ESC] key and the display will snap back to the Position
Mode with the arrow icon displaying your present postion. (If you are not
clear on which mode you are in, the simpliest way to determine it is to see
what cursor is displayed; an arrow indicates Position and a crosshair
indicates Cursor. If you press the [ESC] key and the display changes to
another NAV Screen you were in the Position Mode and you can press
[NAV] to return to the map.
Turning Map Info On/Off — This option allows you to turn on or off the
information field that is displayed on the Map screen. Turning this off
allows for more of the map to be displayed. Default is "Show Map Info".
When Map Info is hidden and the map is in the cursor mode, the bearing
(BRG) and distance (DIS) to the cursor is shown in the bottom left corner
of the map replacing the scale. (Note: if you have uploaded topographic
information from Magellan's MapSend Topo for the United States CD-
ROM, the elevation at the cursor's location is displayed, not the bearing
and distance.) If the cursor happens to be on a map object, the name of
the object is displayed.
Selecting the Map Information — This function allows you to select what
map information is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
Note: If you select either Horizontal Profile or Terrain Projection and you
do not have topographic information loaded a warning screen is



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