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Uniden Mystic Operating Manual page 18

Full vhf/gps mapping
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Mystic Page 16 Wednesday, August 13, 2003 5:26 PM
Cursor Mode - In the Cursor Mode, you are
provided with a cursor that can be moved on
the map. At the bottom of the display is the
information for the position of the cursor
relative to your present position. Also any
points of interest that the cursor is over will
be shown.
To access the Cursor Mode, press any
arrow on the keypad. A crosshair appears
that can be moved with the arrow keys.
To return to the Position Mode, press [ESC]. The cursor will
disappear and the present position icon will appear centered on the
Compass Screen
The Compass Screen is a handy to have at
your fingertips while you are navigating. It is
totally customizable to display the
information that is useful to you. The lower
portion of the Compass screen not only
displays your heading in a graphical
manner, but also displays the relationship of
the sun, moon and your destination (if
navigating on a route) to your heading.
Large Data Screen
The Large Data screen is similar to the
Compass screen, with the compass
removed to allow for large display of the
navigation data. this screen is because the
customizable information can be read even
from a distance .



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