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Uniden Mystic Operating Manual page 33

Full vhf/gps mapping
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Mystic Page 31 Wednesday, August 13, 2003 5:26 PM
Tip: There is a hidden shortcut that replaces highlighting "OK" and
pressing [ENTER]. When you are satisfied that you have narrowed the
search down and want to proceed to the list, press the [IN] key.
The list of all the waypoints for the category you selected, in this case
cities, is displayed with the waypoint that was previously selected at the
top of the list. Now just use the Up/Down arrows to highlight the waypoint
you are looking for and press [ENTER].
For this example, you would highlight Los Angeles, CA and press
[ENTER]. The last viewed NAV screen is displayed and the Meridian will
begin computing all of the necessary information needed to get you to
your destination.
Navigating on a GOTO Route
The Meridian has the ability to provide you with the tools you'll need to
navigate to your destination. You have the choice of three customizable
screens that display the information that you need in the layout that you
desire. Hikers may find the compass screen perfect for them while boaters
may prefer the Large Data or Map screen. For you, the Map screen may
have all the information you'll ever require.
Press [NAV] until the navigation screen you want is displayed.
If you selected the Map screen, you will see your position icon in the
center of the screen with a line drawn for you on the map, graphically
displaying the GOTO route.
Note that this route is line of sight (LOS) or "as the crow flies."
The Meridian does not compute the route using streets and highways
providing a turn-by-turn routing. You'll find very quickly that you can easily
use the roads and highways displayed on the Map screen and compare
them to the displayed route and get to your destination quickly.
This concludes the basic operation of the Magellan Meridian, but there is
so much more. More detail on the mentioned functions, and information
on the functions not mentioned can be found in the Reference chapter of
the User Manual.
GOTO routes are NOT saved in memory when the Meridian is turned off.
If you are navigating on a GOTO route and you need to turn the Meridian
off, you will need to reset the GOTO. Routes, however, are stored in
memory. If you need to make a GOTO but expect to turn the Meridian off



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