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Manual Tuning; Weather Channels; Instant Channel 16/Channel 9 Communications - Uniden Mystic Operating Manual

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Mystic Page 9 Wednesday, August 13, 2003 5:26 PM

Manual Tuning

To manually select a channel, press the p cursor key to increase the
channel number, or press the q cursir key to decrease the channel
number. Communication channels are located on channel 01-28 and 60-

Weather Channels

Weather channels are located on channels 0-9. To select Weather
Channels 0-9, press the [WX/ALERT] key. The radio will go to the last
selected Weather Channel.
Press the p cursor key or the q cursor key to select a different Weather
To exit from Weather channels, press any of these keys: [DISTRESS],
[SCAN/MEMORY], or [WX/ALERT]. The radio returns to the previous
Marine channel.

Instant Channel 16/channel 9 Communications

To access instant Channel 16 or Channel 9 communications, press the
[16/9/TRIPLE] key. You can access Channel 16 instantly while tuned to
another channel. Press the [16/9/TRIPLE] key again to access Channel 9
communications. Press and release the [16/9/TRIPLE] key a third time to
return to the channel selected prior to accessing instant Channel 16/
Channel 9 commnunications.



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