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Position Fix; Gps Basic Operations - Uniden Mystic Operating Manual

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Mystic Page 14 Wednesday, August 13, 2003 5:26 PM

Position Fix

If this is the first time you are using the Mystic in GPS mode,
you must set up the GPS parameters. See the GPS Setup
Section () for the correct procedure.
Once the Mystic has been set up, you should automatically get a position
fix when you turn the radio on.
Because the Mystic gets the information it needs from satellites orbiting
the earth, the radio needs to have a relatively unobstructed view of the
sky. This allows the Mystic to choose from all satellites currently available.
If the view of the sky is poor due to large cliffs, mooring roofs, buildings,
heavy foliage or other obstructions, the satellite signals can be blocked
and the GPS receiver may take longer to compute a position fix.
You will observe the acquisition of the satellites and other important
information on the default Channel and Navigation Screen that appears
after the power-up sequence.
GPS information
data fields
The GPS Information display will display the current Date, and indicate the
progress of acquiring the staellites necessary to achieve a Position Fix.
The display will read
Search - 3rd sat

GPS Basic Operations

Search - 1st sat
Search - 2nd sat
, and



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