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Navigational Screens - Uniden Mystic Operating Manual

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Mystic Page 15 Wednesday, August 13, 2003 5:26 PM
Once the three satellites have been acquired, the display alternate
between two readouts:
The current Date and EPE (Estimated Position Error, in feet)
Averaging and a numeric value. This means the Mystic is computing
fixes. the speed is near 0.0, so the position is being averaged.
You can see the satellites being used and their signal strength on the
Satellite Status screen (described in Navigational Screens below).

Navigational Screens

The MYSTIC has nine navigation screens: Map screen, Compass screen,
Large Data screen, two Position screens, Road screen, Data screen and
Speedometer screen. There is also a Saellitet Status screen which
enables you to view how well the MYSTIC is receiving satellite
information. These screens will be described briefly here. More detailed
information on the different screens can be found in the Reference
chapter of the User Manual.
Map Screen
The Map screen has two modes, Position or Cursor.
Position Mode - In the position mode, your
present position is indicated by the large
arrow icon in the center of the display. If you
are moving, the arrow will point in the
direction you are heading. At the bottom of
the screen is the scale for the map
displayed and two data fields that can be
customized, or turned off, depending upon
your needs.
The present position icon will change to an hourglass when the
MYSTIC is unable to compute a position fix due to poor signal



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