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Navigating On A Goto Route - Uniden Mystic Operating Manual

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Mystic Page 21 Wednesday, August 13, 2003 5:26 PM
To select the GOTO Destination
Waypoint from the selected Category
and Find By, press the [ENTER] key. A
list of all the waypoints you have entered
is displayed.
Use p or q to highlight the desired destination. You'll notice the
bottomof the screen shows the Bearing and Distance to the
highlighted destination. Press [ENTER].
You are returned to the last NAV screen viewed with some
noticeable changes. If you were viewing the Map screen, you will
now notice a thick line which is a graphical plot of the GOTO you
just created. For other NAV screens, the header bar changes to
indicate that you are navigating to a destination. If you press
[NAV] until you are viewing the Compass screen, the header bar
now displays "To: (your destination)", and all of the navigational
information is displayed to provide you with the necessary details
to get you to your destination.
You can select a GOTO Destination Waypoint from the other
Categories. This is covered in the GPS Advanced Operation
Section (page ).

Navigating on a GOTO Route

The MYSTIC has the tools you'll need to navigate to your destination. You
have the choice of three customizable screens that display the information
that you need in the layout that you desire. You may find the compass
screen perfect for you, or you may prefer the Large Data or Map screen.
Press [NAV] until the navigation screen you want is displayed.
If you selected the Map screen, you will see your position icon in the
center of the screen with a line drawn for you on the map, graphically
displaying the GOTO route.
Note that this route is line of sight (LOS) or "as the crow flies."
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