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Using The Mystic Keys; Nav Units; Entering Channel Numbers Into Memory Scan; Mystic Setup - Uniden Mystic Operating Manual

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Mystic Page 40 Wednesday, August 13, 2003 5:26 PM
When you turn the Mystic on for the first time, it is not set up. The basic
radio operation is available (transmitting and receiving on Marine
channels, and receiving WX channels. However, to use the advancd
features of your Mystic, such as Digital Selective Calling, GPS mapping,
and S.A.M.E. weather alerts, you need to enter data into the radio's
memory. This section covers setup of both the radio functions and the
GPS functions.

Using the Mystic keys

Your Mystic has 11 keys and a four-way cursor. Of the 11 keys, 6 are
dual-function. That is, you press that key to access one function, and you
press and hold that key to access another.
Example:Press [WX/ALERT] to change from the VHF Channels to the
Weather Channels. Press and hold [WX/ALERT] to set the
Weather Alert Mode.
The cursor keys (pqtu) are used to: change Channels, alternate
Navigation screens, and select itmes in the Menu screens.
The [MENU] key isused to access the Menu screen. When you are at the
Menu screen, use pqtu to select the next Menu, and press [ENTER].
That will take you to the next Menu, or the next selection to modify. To
stop from selecting any item, press [ESC].

NAV Units

You can select the units of measure that Meridian will use; Miles/Yards/
MPH, Miles/Feet/MPH (default), Nautical Miles/Feet/Knots or Kilometers/
Kilometers per hour.
To change the Nav Units of Measure press [MENU]. Use the Up/Down
arrows to highlight "Setup" and press [ENTER]. Use the Up/Down Arrows
to highlight "NAV Units" and press [ENTER].
Use the Up/Down arrows to highlight the unit of measure that you want
and press [ENTER].
Press [ESC] to return to the last screen viewed.

Entering Channel numbers into Memory Scan

You can enter channels into Memory Scan for instant scanning at any
time. When a channel is selected for Memory Scan, MEMORY appears on
the LCD display. To enter a channel into Memory Scan, select the channel

Mystic Setup




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