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Mystic Controls And Keys - Uniden Mystic Operating Manual

Full vhf/gps mapping
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Mystic Page 3 Wednesday, August 13, 2003 5:26 PM
A. Antenna
B. LCD Display
C. Push-To-Talk button
D. Microphone
E. Speaker
F. On/Off/Volume control
G. Squelch control
H. DISTRESS button
1. CALL/LIGHT -Press to place a
Digital Selective Call.
Press and hold to turn on
2. IN - Press to zoom into a
Navigation Map.
3. GOTO/MARK - Press to create
a GOTO Route.
Press and hold to mark a
4. ESC - Press to go back from a
Menu screen or a Navigation
5. WX/ALERT - Press to access
the Weather Channels.
Press and hold to turn Weather
Alert On or Off.
6. Cursor keys
Press to move cursor up or
down on screens and maps.
7. 1W/5W/LOCK - Press to
change between 1 Watt and 5
Watt transmit power.
Press and hold to ????
8. OUT - Press to zoom out on a
Navigation Map.
9. ENTER - Press to accept
selection in any Menu screen.
10. MENU - Press to access Mystic
Menu screens.
11. SCAN/MEMORY - Press to
scan Channels stored in
Press and hold to enter
Channels into memory.
12. 16/9/TRIPLE - Press to access
instant Channel 16 or Channel
9 communications.
Press and hold to activate
Triple Watch Scan.

Mystic Controls and Keys




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