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Oven Cavity Back Panel Removal; Top Heater/Broiler Element (R13/R15) Removal; H 39X/H 488X; Figure 5-24: Removing The Oven Cavity Back Panel - Miele MasterChef H 394 B Technical Information

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MasterChef Ovens
5. Remove the two Phillips screws securing the latch assembly to the cavity
assembly (Figure 5-23, Item 2).
6. From the rear of the oven, reach into the air shield opening to access the
door lock switch and door closed switch.

Oven Cavity Back Panel Removal

1. Remove the front door(s) (Section 5.2).
2. Remove the four screws securing the panel (Figure 5-24, Item 1).
3. Pull the back panel forward to remove from the oven (Figure 5-24, Item 2).

Figure 5-24: Removing the Oven Cavity Back Panel

When removing the back panel, take care not to make contact with the
oven interior surfaces. Protect the interior of the oven as necessary.

Top Heater/Broiler Element (R13/R15) Removal


H 39x/H 488x

1. Remove the top heater element retaining screws (Figure 5-25, Item 1).
2. Remove the wing nut (Figure 5-25, Item 2).
3. Gently lift the mounting flange upward and move it toward the front of the oven.
4. Disconnect the cavity temperature sensor connection (Figure 5-25, Item 3).
5. Remove the cavity temperature sensor.
6. Disconnect the heater element connections.
7. Remove the heater element.
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