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Temperature Test; Test Equipment; Test Procedure 1 - Miele MasterChef H 394 B Technical Information

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MasterChef Ovens

Temperature Test


Test Equipment

1. Electronic thermometer (mat. no 05595760) or thermocouple/multimeter
2. Special test lead (mat. no 05661240)
3. Holder for test lead (mat. no 05054650)
Test Procedure
Before starting the test procedure, check the main voltage (208VAC-240VAC)
and verify that the appliance is programmed correctly (H 39x - check if correct
broil element(s) is installed, or H 4xxx - check voltage setting in service mode).
Test procedures 1 and 2 must be performed.

Test Procedure 1

1. Open the oven door and slide a rack into the second slot from the bottom.
Remove all other racks from the oven.
2. Insert the special test lead and holder into the center of the rack just
installed into the oven. The copper plate on the test lead should face up
towards the top of oven. The holder will keep the test lead from shifting.
3. Close the oven door with the test lead wire now running to the outside of
the door.
4. Connect the test lead wire to the electronic thermometer or
5. Turn the oven on. Select "Convection Bake" with the temperature set to
320°F (160°C). Set the timer to 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the oven
should be at 320°F.
Let the oven cool down completely before performing Test Procedure 2.
Test Procedure 2
1. Repeat steps 1 to 4 in Test Procedure 1.
2. Turn the oven on. Select "Surround" with the temperature set to 375°F
(190°C). Set the timer to 40 minutes. After 40 minutes, the oven will be at
Due to the slow response of the measuring device (electronic thermometer or
thermocouple/multimeter), the oven temperature display and the temperature
on the measuring instrument may vary during the warm-up time.
Measurement should only be taken after the minimum test time stated for
each procedure.
Technical Information


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