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Halogen Light Bulb Replacement; Figure 5-6: Runner Release (H 478X); Figure 5-7: Runner Removal (H 478X); Figure 5-8: Prying Off The Light Cover - Miele MasterChef H 394 B Technical Information

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MasterChef Ovens
H 478x
1. Remove the oven door (see Section 5.2.2).
2. Remove the 8-millimeter nuts securing the runners (one per side, located
behind arrow in Figure 5-6).

Figure 5-6: Runner Release (H 478x)

3. Remove the runners by pulling them out of the rear of the oven (Figure 5-7).

Figure 5-7: Runner Removal (H 478x)


Halogen Light Bulb Replacement

1. Remove the runners.
2. Spread a dishtowel on the oven floor to protect the enamel, in case the
light cover falls.
3. Insert the supplied lid opener between the light cover and the metal frame
of the light along the edge closest to the oven door.
4. Carefully pry the light cover out of the metal frame (Figure 5-8).

Figure 5-8: Prying Off the Light Cover

Technical Information


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