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Operation; Starting Operation - Hitachi EP-M70E Instruction Manual

Air purifier with humidifying function
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Starting Operation

Securely insert the power plug to the outlet
Press the
Operation will start, and indicator
will light up.
Pressing the
while the unit is operating will
dim the indicator and stop the
operation of the unit.
 "Air Purify" mode is set as a factory default.
 From the second use onward, the memory function enables operation based on the saved status.
Standby Power Consumption
 As long as the power plug is inserted in the outlet, the unit consumes approximately 3W of power, even if the unit
is not in use.
(Unplug from the outlet if the unit will not be used for an extended period of time.)
EP-M70E_EN.indd 19
EP-M70E_EN.indd 19
power button
power button
Power button
After all indicators have light up at once,
"Air Purify" and "Auto" will light up.
For the first 3 minutes, the unit will
check and store the condition of the
room air.
During that time, the "Air Sensor" will
flash a green light.
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