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Pre-Fi Lter, Filter Assembly / Deodorizing Filter - Hitachi EP-M70E Instruction Manual

Air purifier with humidifying function
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Pre-fi lter, Filter Assembly / Deodorizing Filter
Clean the pre-fi lter, dust fi lter, and deodorizing fi lter frequently because dust and dirt get on them.
Check if the operation has stopped before removing the power plug from the socket
While operating, press the
Remove the rear panel and pre-filter
Remove dust using a vacuum cleaner.
Lightly clean using the nozzle brush of the vacuum cleaner
and vacuum the dust.
Remove dirt by washing with water.
If it is extremely dirty, wash it with water and a soft sponge
without using excessive force. Drain well and let it dry in a
well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight.
The stainless coating of the surface will peel off if it is
rubbed with the floor nozzle of a vacuum cleaner or a scrub.
Do not use detergent (kitchen or laundry use) for cleaning.
Filter assembly/Deodorizing filter
The dust on the filter assembly or deodorizing filter may emit an odor.
Be sure to remove the dust using a vacuum cleaner or the like.
Lightly clean using the nozzle brush of the vacuum cleaner and
vacuum the dust.
Do not put excessive force and deform the filter assembly.
If the filter assembly is deformed, it will not be detected by
the unit. "
monitor, and the unit will not be able to operate.
If the odor from the air outlet becomes a bother, soak the
deodorizing filter as soon as possible.
Attach each filter
Attach the pre-filter and rear panel to the unit
 The pre-fi lter is disposable.
When the pre-fi lter needs to be replaced because of the stainless coating is peeling on its surface or breakage,
please purchase a service part (part no. EP-LVG70-042).
EP-M70E_EN.indd 34
EP-M70E_EN.indd 34
power button and stop operation.
" will be displayed on the temperature / humidity
(P.E-14, E-15)
Nozzle brush
Note: Clean the back face as well.
Nozzle brush
Deodorizing filter
Filter assembly
(Do not wash with water)
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