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Memory Function / Monitor / Sensors / Auto Detection; Memory Function; Air Sensor; Odor Sensor - Hitachi EP-M70E Instruction Manual

Air purifier with humidifying function
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Memory Function / Monitor / Sensors / Auto Detection

Memory Function

 When
power button is turned on, the unit operates the previous operation mode set prior to turning off.

Air Sensor

 The level of air contamination detected by the odor
and dust sensors is indicated by different colors.
Display Color : Green
Dirtiness Level: Clean
 When the unit is placed in a location where contamination is diffi cult to detect, or when the sensor needs cleaning,
the display may not change.
 While operating in PM2.5 sensing, the air sensor display lights up and then blinks slowly.

Odor Sensor

 The sensor detects odors in the air such as cigarette smoke or pet odors.
Even if you think the air is clean, the unit may continue the operation if the odor sensor
detects any gas component that has not been removed by the fi lter.
Also, any of the following may be detected by the odor sensor.
· Combustion gases from heating appliances during use, alcohol, odor of perfumes or
cosmetics used in beauty parlors or aesthetic salons, sprays, vapors, abrupt tem-
perature changes, etc.

Dust Sensor

 The dust sensor is capable of sensing dust in the air such as cigarette smoke,
house dust, pollen, etc.
The dust sensor may fail to sense dust stirred up when you lay out or put away bed-
ding, which contains signifi cantly fewer contaminants than cigarette smoke, etc. In
such a case, the air sensor display may appear to be different from the apparent
dust in the air.
 The dust sensor may not function properly if the sensor is dirty.
Carry out periodical cleaning of the dust sensor and the parts around it.

Temperature / Humidity Monitor (Temperature / Humidity Sensor)

 The values detected by the internal temperature / humidity sensors during operation will be displayed.
 The temperature / humidity monitor should be taken as a guide only.
· The indication may differ from thermometer / hygrometer readings. Also, there is a great difference in the dis-
play and the actual temperature and humidity when turning the unit on and switching airfl ow rate.
· Humidity will change as temperature changes.
· Temperature and humidity may differ between places with good air fl ow and those with bad air fl ow.
The estimated current temperature and humidity are displayed and updated every minute in
increments of 1°C and 1%.
(Displays "
Humidity is displayed between 20-85%. )
EP-M70E_EN.indd 26
EP-M70E_EN.indd 26
" when the temperature is at -1°C or lower, and "
Air sensor
Odor Sensor
Cover is removed
Dust sensor
" when at 41°C or higher.
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