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Filling Water Tank - Hitachi EP-M70E Instruction Manual

Air purifier with humidifying function
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Preparations for Operation
Check that the water tray set with
humidifying filter is installed in
the unit.
If the humidifying filter is not installed, "
appear in the temperature / humidity monitor
and the unit will not operate.
Do not forcibly open the side cover.
Doing so may break the part.
Securely insert the humidifying filter, making sure
that it is pressed until it reaches the back of the unit.
If it is not securely inserted, it may cause water
leakage during operation.
Also, attach the filter while holding down the unit.

Filling Water Tank

Remove the water tank from the unit
Grab the water tank handle, and while slightly
lifting it, gently pull the water tank.
When removing the water tank from the unit, pull the water
tank gently while pressing down the unit since a caster is
attached on its base. (The caster does not have a stopper)
Remove the tank cover from the water tank
Be careful not to injure your finger or nails when
removing the tank cover.
Make sure that the water tank filter is not subject to
unnecessary force. If damaged, it will not be able to
pump up water.
Rinse the water tank and tank cover with water
and check the movement of the float switch.
Rinse in running water for 2-3 times.
Do not use detergent.
Check if the float switch can move up and down.
Do not to remove the float switch, or subject it to
unnecessary force.
Otherwise "Water Refill" will not be detected.
EP-M70E_EN.indd 16
EP-M70E_EN.indd 16
(When Running on "Humidify" and "Skin Moisture" Modes)
Side cover
Humidifying filter
" will
Insert the filters
with caution as
they may get stuck
inside the unit.
Water tray
Water tank filter
Float switch
Humidifying filter
Set by aligning the broad sides
Water tank
Tank cover
Water tank
Tank cover
Water tank
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