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Replacing Humidifying Filter; When The Water Refi Ll Indicator Comes On - Hitachi EP-M70E Instruction Manual

Air purifier with humidifying function
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Close side cover
Insert the power plug into the outlet and
press the
After cleaning, make sure that the "Filter Cleaning" indicator
is not lit.
(The humidifying operation time is reset when the power cord
is unplugged only if the "Filter Cleaning" indicator is lit.)

Replacing Humidifying Filter

The humidifying fi lter is a disposable part. Performance of the fi lter decreases with use.
Replace it after 120 months of use as a guide (cleaning is necessary on a monthly basis).
Early replacement of the fi lter is recommended if it exhibits any of the following conditions despite periodic cleaning.
Heavy dirt is present, attached hardened water scale is diffi cult to remove, bad odors, serious damage or deformation
Depending on the quality of tap water used, the application environment (level of air contamination), and the se-
lected operation mode, the humidifying fi lter may degrade considerably early.
Humidifying Filter Replacement
Model: EPF-KVG900KF
 Dispose of the humidifying fi lter according to local regulations.
When the Water Refi ll Indicator Comes On
When humidify or skin moisturize mode is used, the water supply indicator will light up even if there is remaining
water (approximately 20mm from the bottom of the water tank).
Check if the operation has stopped before removing the power plug from the socket
While operating, press the
Remove the water tank from the unit
Grab the water tank handle, and while slightly lifting it, gently
pull the water tank.
When removing the water tank from the unit, pull the
water tank gently while pressing down the unit since
a caster is attached on its base.
(The caster does not have a stopper.)
Remove the tank cover from the water tank
Be careful not to injure your finger or nails when
removing the tank cover.
Make sure that the water tank filter is not subject to
unnecessary force. If damaged, it will not be able to
pump up water.
EP-M70E_EN.indd 31
EP-M70E_EN.indd 31
power button.
power button and stop operation.
Make sure that the indicator is not lit.
Water tank
Water tank filter
Tank cover
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Tank cover
Water tank
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