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Replacement Parts - Hitachi EP-M70E Instruction Manual

Air purifier with humidifying function
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Troubleshooting Guide
Heat and Smells
The air coming out of the air outlet smells
The Touch Operation Panel is warm
Operations / Others
There is no vapor or mist visible
The movement of the fl ap is unstable, or its
direction is misaligned
The temperature and humidity monitor read-
ings differ from the room thermometer and
hygrometer readings.
The fan stopped
The rotation does not increase smoothly
when "Max" airfl ow rate is used
Noise enters the television and radio

Replacement Parts

 Filter assembly for Hitachi Air Purifi er
(Allergen-free, HEPA fi lter)
 Pre-fi lter (stainless steel pre-fi lter)
Specify service part EP-LVG70-042.
 Water tank fi lter
Specify service part EP-KVG900-039.
EP-M70E_EN.indd 42
EP-M70E_EN.indd 42
Cause (This is normal)
The unit's parts have a smell when it is fi rst used.
Or the deodorizing performance of the deodorizing fi lter has de-
Clean the deodorizing fi lter.
(P.E-34, E-35)
Or there are odors clinging to the humidifying filter. Clean the
humidifying fi lter.
(P.E-28 - E-31)
The unit's interior is lined with control circuits.
This causes the unit to become warm.
Cause (This is normal)
As the unit employs an evaporating type that produces moistur-
ized air by passing an air stream through the humidifying fi lter, no
vapor or mist is visible.
It may have become misaligned when it was moved by hand. If it
does not work properly because it was moved by hand, stop it by
pressing the "Power" button once, and start the operation again.
The temperature and humidity displayed on the monitor is merely
a guide.
Depending on the difference of room environment, the display
may differ.
The fan may stop
if it is set in eco saving operation.
The rotation gradually increases.
It takes approximately 1 minute for the rotation to increase.
Separate the purifi er from the television and radio, or change the
orientation of the purifi er.
Or, use an outlet in a different location.
Purchase from Hitachi Home Appliances dealers.
 Deodorizing fi lter for Hitachi Air Purifi er
 Replacement humidifying fi lter for Hitachi Air Purifi er
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