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How To Replace The Filter Assembly / Deodorizing Filter - Hitachi EP-M70E Instruction Manual

Air purifier with humidifying function
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Replacing the Filter Assembly / Deodorizing Filter

How to Replace the Filter Assembly / Deodorizing Filter

Check if the operation and the fan have stopped, and then unplug the power cord
While operating, press the
Remove the rear panel and pre-filter
Remove the old filter
Remove the filter assembly first, then the deodorizing filter.
Do not put excessive force and deform the filter assembly. If the
filter assembly is deformed, it will not be detected by the unit.
" will be displayed on the temperature / humidity monitor,
and the unit will not be able to operate.
Remove the plastic packaging of the new filter, and attach the filter in the unit
Attach the deodorizing filter in the unit.
Set the filter at the deodorizing filter set position.
While pressing the tabs on the unit, set the
deodorizing filter and hook the tabs of the
deodorizing filter with the tabs of the unit.
Attach the filter assembly to the unit.
Deodorizing filter tab
If the filter is set while without removing its plastic packaging, it will not be able to
have a cleaning effect. It will also cause unit malfunction.
The vibration during transporting the unit might cause deodorizing agent granules to
fall out from the filter.
When removing the plastic cover of the filter and attaching the filter to the unit,
make sure that your hands, clothes, and the surroundings does not get dirty.
Wipe off any granules that may have fallen or clung to the filter.
This will not affect the deodorizing performance.
Attach the pre-filter and rear panel to the unit
EP-M70E_EN.indd 38
EP-M70E_EN.indd 38
power button and stop operation.
Use only a genuine filter for the Hitachi Air Purifier
Other filters may cause unit to malfunction.
Unit tab
Deodorizing filter
Filter assembly
Deodorizing filter set position
Filter assembly
Deodorizing filter
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