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Replacing The Filter Assembly / Deodorizing Filter; Replacement Interval; Handling The Filter Assembly / Deodorizing Filter - Hitachi EP-M70E Instruction Manual

Air purifier with humidifying function
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Replacing the Filter Assembly / Deodorizing Filter

Replacement Interval

The fi lter is disposable. The deodorizing performance of the fi lter decreases with use.
The standard life of a fi lter assembly and a deodorizing fi lter is approximately 10 years as determined by the
Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association.
A test according to JEM1467(Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association) was conducted. If 5 cigarettes are
smoked per day:
[Filter Assembly] Number of years is up to the point the air purifying time takes twice as long as when the fi lter
[Deodorizing Filter] Number of years is up to the point the deodorizing rate (ammonia, acetaldehyde, and acetic
* This is only a guide. It differs from the actual use in an average household.
The fi lter assembly should be replaced immediately if its color resembles any of the colors on the dirtiness
label attached to the unit.
The colors on the dirtiness label only serve as a guide. Depending on the installation location, the actual color
of the contaminated fi lter may differ from the color on the label.
For the room seldom
exposed to cigarette
For the room
always exposed
to cigarette smoke
Replace the deodorizing fi lter when it becomes diffi cult to remove odor.
Depending on the location and usage, it may also be shortened. If it becomes diffi cult to remove dust or
odor, replace the fi lter immediately. Otherwise, the fi lter may generate odors.
The following cases will shorten the life of the fi lter:
When the purifi er takes in oily smoke, carbon substances (soot), etc. or when the smell of new building materials
remains after the construction or remodeling of a building
When used in stores, such as in coffee shops, game parlors, barber shops, beauty parlors, hotels, inns, and of-
fi ces
When used in places with strong smells such as cigarettes, barbecue, aroma oils, or air fresheners
When the purifi er takes in combustion gases generated by heating appliances
When the purifi er takes in solvents such as paints, adhesives, etc.
When used in dusty locations near roads subject to heavy traffi c.

Handling the Filter Assembly / Deodorizing Filter

Make sure to take the fi lter out of its plastic cover before using.
Do not set the fi lter while it is still inside the plastic cover. This may cause a unit failure.
Avoid handling it roughly.
Do not crush, crumple, or roll the fi lter.
When the fi lter is broken, it will not have any cleaning effect.
Do not wash the fi lter assembly.
The fi lter assembly cannot be reused even after washing. Please buy and replace it with a new fi lter assembly.
The fi lter contains plastic. Dispose of the fi lter according to local regulations.
EP-M70E_EN.indd 37
EP-M70E_EN.indd 37
was new.
acid usually contained in tobacco) becomes half as when the fi lter was new.
Dirtiness Label
Filter Replacement Guide
Replace the filter
promptly when its
color becomes
similar to either
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