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Cleaning; When The Filter Cleaning Indicator Comes On - Hitachi EP-M70E Instruction Manual

Air purifier with humidifying function
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 Do not stop operation by unplugging the power plug.
Otherwise, it may cause fi re, electric shock or unit failure.
 Do not splash water on the unit. Doing so may cause a unit failure.
 Do not use volatile solvents, such as gasoline, thinner, benzene, wax, kerosene, alcohol, etc. or polishing powder, or deter-
gent (used for kitchen or laundry). Such chemicals could cause deformation, discoloration, damage or removal of print labels.
 When using a chemically treated cloth, follow safety instructions.
 Do not use a dryer or heater to dry the unit. Heating could cause deformation, discoloration, damage or removal of print labels.
 Lay a soft cloth or similar material beneath and around the purifi er body to protect the fl oor against scratches
and from getting wet.
 Do not tilt or tip over the unit.

When the Filter Cleaning Indicator Comes On

 The indicator lights up approximately 240 hours of performing the humidifying operation after the reset. (Guide for
 The humidifying system employed in this product is the evaporating type that produces moisturized air by passing
an air stream through the humidifying fi lter.
 Depending on the application environment, dirt or odor may adhere to the humidifying fi lter even when the "Humidify"
or "Skin Moist" mode is not activated. Please clean immediately.
 When "Humidify" or "Skin Moist" mode is used, be sure to use tap water for the water tank.
 Although the humidifying fi lter has been treated against bacteria and mold, it may get slimy or moldy, or may be-
come discolored to pink, red, green, brown, black or gray after a short period of use depending on the quality of tap
water used, and the application environment. (Discoloration has no effect on humidifying performance.)
 It is recommended that the fi lter be cleaned as often as practicable regardless of whether the "Filter Cleaning" indicator lights up or not.
Early replacement of the fi lter is recommended if it exhibits any of the following conditions despite periodic cleaning.
· Heavy dirt is present, attached hardened water scale is diffi cult to remove, bad odors, serious damage or deformation
 If you will not use the "Humidify" or "Skin Moist" mode, dispose any water remaining in the water tray and water
tank. Failure to do so may cause dirt build-up or discoloration.
 If you continue to use the humidifying fi lter without cleaning it, the water scale attached to the fi lter will solidify and
possibly come out from the vent.
Check if the operation has stopped before removing the power plug from the socket
While operating, press the
Once you unplug the power cord, the humidifying operation time will be reset and the "Filter Cleaning" indicator will turn off.
(If the "Filter Cleaning" indicator is off, the humidifying operation time will not be reset when you unplug the power cord.)
Open the side cover and remove the
humidifying filter with the water tray
There might be some water remaining in the water tray.
Slightly pull out the water tray, hold it levelly and take it out.
It is also recommended that you lay a towel.
Since the bottom part of the unit has casters, hold
down the unit while removing the water tray.
(The casters do not have stoppers)
Water might leak if there is remaining water in the
water tray and it is tilted.
EP-M70E_EN.indd 28
EP-M70E_EN.indd 28
power button and stop operation.
Side cover
Humidifying filter
Lay a towel
Humidifying filter
Water tray
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