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Operating The Touch Operation Panel - Hitachi EP-NZG70J Instruction Manual

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Operating the Touch Operation Panel

The touch operation panel is made of glass.
If the touch operation panel display disappears, touch
The touch operation panel display will disappear when
The upper part of the touch operation panel is the display section and the lower part is the control section.
Use the touch operation panel to switch settings.
Touch this button first when the
display or operation panel is off.
When tapped again, it turns off the
display or operation panel.
(Long-press MENU for about 3 seconds)
Use this to prevent incorrect
The glass touch may have a different reaction depending on the sur-
rounding temperature and humidity, physical condition of the user, and
the condition of the electronic appliances near by the unit.
If it does not respond after touching, release and try again.
If the interval between touches is short, the unit may respond incorrectly.
The sensitivity will not change by the force applied when touching.
There may be no response if the operation panel is wet or dirty.
Wipe off with a dry cloth to use.
The display may be difficult to view if the unit is placed in brightly lit
places such as near a window with direct sun light.
EP-NZG70J_EN.indd 6
EP-NZG70J_EN.indd 6
Notification Display
The indicator lights up when the child lock is set.
The indicator lights up when the unit is operating on timer.
The indicator lights up when the unit is operating with PM2.5 sensing.
to display it again.
is touched again.
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