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Filling Water Tank; Installation - Hitachi EP-A5000 Instruction Manual

Air purifier with humidifying function
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Filling Water Tank

Gently remove the water tank.
While pressing the upper part of the
water tank handle, lift it obliquely
upward, and remove the water tank by
supporting it in the bottom.
Hold the water tray.
Do not carry the water tank by holding its
handle. Instead, hold the tank with both
hands and carry it while keeping the tank
cap side up. When the water tank is wet,
wipe off water drops before carrying.
Pull out the water tray, check
that the humidifying filter and
tray cover are equipped, and
then retract the tray.
The humidifying filter absorbs water supplied
from the water tank for humidifying operation.
Water tray
Slowly pull out the water tray while lifting it
obliquely upward.
Do not set the water tank without having the water tray in place. Otherwise, the water tank may tip over.
When you pull out the water tray, be careful not to scratch the floor with bottom of the tray.
Do not leave the detached water tank with its cap closed.
Inner pressure of the tank changes according to ambient temperature change and may cause water
leakage or injury due to deformation or damage.
Humidifying function works automatically when the water tank and water tray are filled with water.
If you do not need humidification, operate the unit without filling water in the water tank and water tray.


Install the purifier on a level, stable and sturdy surface.
Avoid any place close to cooling or heating appliance, and select a well-ventilated place.
Keep the purifier at least 90 cm away from the walls in both sides. Otherwise, discharged air will mix with
surrounding air and the walls may become dirty.
Do not place the purifier on unstable floor or pedestal.
Falling or dropping of the purifier may cause damage, failure or water leakage.
Using the purifier in an inclined position may cause water leakage.
(for Humidify Mode and Skin Moisturize Modes)
Humidifying filter
Tray cover
Water tray
Remove the tank cap and fill fresh tap
water of normal temperature.
Rubber packing
Check that the tank cap is equipped
with a rubber packing.
Press the center pin of the tank cap, and check that it
comes back by spring.
Tighten the tank cap firmly, wipe off spilt water, and
check that there is no water leakage.
Wipe off water on the water tank handle if any.
The tank cap is a consumable part.
(If it leaks water due to deteriorated rubber packing,
please purchase separately available part for
Set the water tank into the water tank
Be sure to handle the water-filled tank with both hands.
Press in the tank securely until it clicks. Inadequate
setting may cause the water tank to fall or result in water
When you remove the water tank, water may
drip from the tank cap. Lay a dry cloth before
removing the water tank.
Do not push in the
pin in the cap center.
Doing so may cause
water leakage.

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