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Amigo Remote Web Browser; Connecting The Amigo Remote Web Browser Via Wifi - ETC ColorSource 20 User Manual

Colorsource av console
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/cs/playback/x/level = y
/cs/playback = x, "level", y
/cs/playback/12/fire = 1 Presses the bump button for playback 12
/cs/playback = 12, "fire", 1 Presses the bump button for playback 12

Amigo Remote Web Browser

The Amigo Web Browser Interface can be used for various purposes. Some typical applications are:
Remote Control- Remotely control a ColorSource AV console from another location (stage, audi-
ence) using a smartphone or tablet computer.
Console Extension- Add control displays to your physical ColorSource AV console. A tablet or
laptop may be used close to the console to provide additional views on a larger screen. This min-
imizes the switching of views on the console display. For example, to choose quick selects, pick
colors, or operate pan/tilt.
Interactive Help- The Web Interface displays related help in real-time based on the operations of
your ColorSource AV console. This is a great way to quickly learn the console.

Connecting the Amigo Remote Web Browser via WiFi

To operate your ColorSource AV console from a web browser, please follow these steps:
Automatic Connection with QR code
Your ColorSource AV console must be connected to a WiFi access point to connect via the QR code. You
must login to that same device on your phone or tablet. Usually it will be password protected and often you
may find the password written on the underside of the access point or router itself, if not you must ask the
person providing the WiFi service for the correct password. Remember: anyone who knows the WiFi pass-
word may be able to operate the console remotely.
AV Functions
Variables / Argu-
No arguments
1 argument – level (float)
3 arguments – playback
number (integer), "level"
(string), level (float)
x: step amount, no argu-
x: step amount, 1 integer
Amigo is intended to be used by one user at a time.
It is not recommended to connect the console to a general purpose office or home network
or a network open to the internet.
It is recommended to use a closed private network dedicated to lighting control.
It is recommended to leave the IP address on the console as Auto on the Setup>Set-
tings>Network tab unless you understand how to set-up manual IP addressing. Remem-
ber that if you make a shortcut on your computer to this address, when configured in Auto
mode, it may cease working in a later session if the console acquires a different IP
Sets the level of playback x to value y
Sets the level of playback x to value y (0.0 to 1.0)
Sets the level of playback x to value y (0.0 to 1.0)
Pages the current playback page by x (typically +1 or -1)
Pages the current playback page by x (typically +1 or -1)


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