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Scanning Problems; Led Indicator Status For Errors And Operation Guide - Lenovo M7208W User Manual

Multifunction laser printer
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11.7 Scanning Problems

The scanned image is dirty
The scanned image is
distorted or out of position.
The scanned image is upside
The scanned image is blank
The scanned image is too
dark or too light.
11.8 LED Indicator Status for Errors
and Operation Guide
Refer to Chapter 9: Keys and Indicators for LED Indicator Status and Operation Guide.
The scanner glass is dirty,clean the scanner
glass. Refer to Chapter 10: Machine
Maintenance for Cleaning Scanner Glass.
Make sure the toner is dry before the original
is placed on the scanner glass.
The original was moved during the scanning
process. Do not move the original during the
scanning process.
The original was placed upside down. Load the
original in the correct orientation. Refer to
Chapter 5: Copying for Placing Originals.
The original was placed with the front and back
Adjust the image density.

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