Printing A Test Page; Printing A Configuration Page - Lenovo M7208W User Manual

Multifunction laser printer
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2.7 Printing a Test Page

At the end of driver installation,there will be a print test page option,and you can also print
the test page by the following.
This example uses Windows 7.
Click [Start], then [Devices and Printers]. Right click your printer and select
[Printer Properties] to display the properties dialog box (shown on the right).
Click [Print Test Page].
If the test page is successfully printed, the Lenovo M7208/M7208w has been configured

2.8 Printing a Configuration Page

The configuration page shows your printer settings.
When the printer is in the state of standby,quickly press the
under a second and observe the indicator light.
Start indicator is off
Power indicator alternates between
green and off every second
This indicates that print tasks have been set up successfully.
power key three times in

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