Color Balance; Toner Save Mode; Skip Blank Pages - Lenovo M7208W User Manual

Multifunction laser printer
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3 After the first side is printed, according to the dialog box with the instructions,
you will need to manually reload the paper to print the second side.
4 After reloading the paper, press the
flashing red.
5 The printer will continue to print the second side.
• The tagboard does not support duplex printing.

Color Balance

You can adjust the blackness of the printing by adjusting the toner density.

Toner Save Mode

In the Toner Save Mode, toner consumption is reduced and the printed document will be
Image Rotation (180deg)
You can rotate the image 180 degrees before printing.
You can adjust the brightness of the image from -100 to 100.

Skip Blank Pages

If Skip Blank Page is checked, the printer driver automatically detects blank pages and
excludes them from printing.
This option does not work when the following options are selected:
• Multiple Pages
• Duplex
Power key once, which should be

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Table of Contents

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