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Cleaning The Printer - Lenovo M7208W User Manual

Multifunction laser printer
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10.3 Cleaning the Printer

To ensure the best print quality, clean the printer as instructed below whenever the toner
cartridge is replaced or when you notice a decrease in print quality.
Do's and Don'ts
Clean the machine periodically to maintain high print quality.
‹ Wipe the printer surface with a soft dry cloth or a soft damp cloth where
If the printer is still dirty, use a pH neutral detergent to avoid causing deformation,
discoloration or damage to the printer.
Do not use volatile cleaning agents (such as gasoline, solvents or insecticidal
sprays) to wipe the machine.
Wipe the printer repeatedly with a damp cloth until the stain is removed, then dry
with a clean cloth.
‹ Do not touch the Transfer roller (under the toner cartridge) when cleaning the
inside of the printer.
Greasy hands may affect the print quality.
‹ Use a clean dry cloth to wipe off any dirt or stain inside the machine.
‹ You must disconnect the plug from the wall outlet at least once a year. Clean away
any dust and grime from the plug and outlet before reconnecting. Accumulated
dust and grime pose a fire hazard.
‹ Do not drop clips, staples or other small articles into the printer.
Cleaning the Exterior of the Printer
Clean the exterior of the printer with a clean and dry lint-free cloth.

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