Lenovo M7208W User Manual page 13

Multifunction laser printer
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Pinch the paper guide clip and slide it to fit the paper size.
• Please make sure to set the paper size and type when loading paper. When
printing, please specify the paper size and type in the printer driver so the settings
can be used for printing the loaded paper.
Please refer to Chapter 3: Print Media for how to specify the paper size and type
in the printer driver.
Curled paper may cause paper jams. Please flatten curled paper before loading it.
Do not push the paper guide too far. This may cause the paper to bend.
Failure to adjust the paper guide may cause a paper jam.
If you need to add paper to the paper feed while printing, remove any remaining
paper in the paper feed first and then add new paper. Adding new sheets to the
feed tray while there is paper remaining may cause paper jams or concurrent
feeding of multiple sheets.

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