Toner Cartridge - Lenovo M7208W User Manual

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12.3 Toner Cartridge

Retail toner cartridge can print at least 1,500 pages when used for printing documents with
5% text coverage. The toner cartridge that is supplied with the printer can print an average
of 700 pages.
• Unless a toner cartridges is replaced before toner runs out, printing will become
impossible. To facilitate cartridge replacement, we recommend you purchase and
store extra toner cartridges.
• The actual number of printable pages varies depending on the image volume and
density, number of pages printed at a time, paper type and paper size used, and
environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity.
• The quality of the cartridge will decrease with time. Hence, print cartridges may
need to be replaced sooner than indicated above.
• Toner cartridges are not covered under the warranty. However, if problems arise,
contact the store where they were purchased.

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