Printing Problems - Lenovo M7208W User Manual

Multifunction laser printer
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11.5 Printing Problems

An printing error occurs
There is considerable delay
between the print start
command and actual printing.
The whole printout is blurred
Cannot print properly when
using a certain application,
or cannot print image data
Some characters are printed
faintly or not printed.
If an error occurs during printing, change the
computer settings and printer driver settings.
Check whether there are other running
applications. Close any other
because they may interfere with the printing.
If the problem is not resolved, close unneeded
processes too.
Check that the latest printer driver is being used.
Processing time depends on data volume.
High volume data, such as graphics-heavy
documents, take longer to process. Wait for a
To speed up printing,
resolution using the printer driver program.
Paper is damp. Use only paper that has been
stored properly.
Refer to Chapter 3: Print Media for the
supported paper types.
If you have enabeld [Toner Save Mode],
printing is generally less dense.
Condensation may have collected. If rapid
change in temperature or humidity occurs,
this machine only after it has been acclimatized.
Change the print quality settings.
reduce the printing

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