Appendix; Precautions About Toner; Moving And Transporting The Machine - Lenovo M7208W User Manual

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12.1 Precautions about Toner

• The normal operation of the machine cannot be guaranteed if non-Lenovo toner
products are used.
• Depending on printing conditions, there are cases where the printer cannot print
the number of sheets indicated in the specifications.
• If the printed image suddenly turns lighter or blurred, replace the toner cartridge.

12.2 Moving and Transporting the Machine

This section provides cautions that you must follow when moving the machine for a long/
short distance.
Repackage the machine with the original packing materials when you need to move the
machine for a long distance.
‹ Be sure to disconnect all cables from the machine before transporting it.
‹ The machine is a precision piece of machinery. Be sure to handle it carefully when
moving it.
‹ Make sure to move the machine horizontally. Take extra caution when carrying
the machine up or down stairs.
‹ Do not take out the toner cartridge during the moving.
‹ Make sure to keep the machine upright when moving it. Move the machine
carefully to prevent the toner from spilling.
Make sure to follow the checklist below:
The power has been turned off.
The power cord is unplugged from the wall outlet.
All other cables have been disconnected from the machine.
‹ Repackage the machine properly if it needs to be transported for a long distance.
Take care not to tip or tilt the machine during transit.
‹ When moving the machine, the toner may spill out into the machine if the machine
is not kept level during transit..
‹ For more information about moving the machine, contact your sales or service
For information on correct disposal of the machine, contact your sales or service

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