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Multifunction laser printer
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Tips to Avoid Paper Jams
• The occurrence of paper jams can be significantly reduced by using the
recommended types of print media. In the event of paper jams, follow the
instructions described in "Removing Paper Jams".
• Load paper as instructed in the section on "Loading Paper". Adjust the position of
the paper guide properly.
• Do not overload the feed tray.
• Do not attempt to remove paper from the feed tray when the printer is printing.
• Bend the sheets back and forth, fan the stack and flatten the paper before loading
• Do not use corrugated, folded, wet or curled paper.
• Do not mix different types of paper in the same feed tray.
• Use only recommended print media. Refer to the section on Loading Paper in
Chapter 2: Setting up the Printer.
• Store the print media in a suitable environment.
• The jammed sheet of paper will likely be covered with unfused toner. Be careful
not to get it on your hands or clothes.
• Toner on prints made immediately after removing a paper jam
may be insufficiently fused and can smudge. Make test prints until smudges no
longer appear.
• Do not force a jammed paper out of the printer as it may tear. Torn pieces left
inside the machine will cause further jams and possibly damage the machine.
• Paper jams may lead to missing pages. Check whether there are any missing
pages in the print job and, if yes, re-print the missing pages.

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