Copying Both Sides Of An Id Card Onto One Side Of Paper - Lenovo M7208W User Manual

Multifunction laser printer
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5.3 Copying Both sides of an ID Card
onto one side of Paper
You can copy the two sides of an ID card onto one side of a sheet of paper.
Place the ID card front side down
on the scanner glass.The ID card
should be aligned to the rear left corner.
When the printer is in the state of standby, press and hold the
power key for one second or longer.
The indicator display changes to that shown below.
Start indicator is green
Power indicator is green
The printer is in ID card copy mode.
• The printer will stay in this mode for one minute, then return to its ready to copy
state unless you continue the operation.
Scan the first side of the ID card
The LED indicator display shown below indicates the current task is being processed.
Start indicator is green
Power indicator flashes green
This indicates scanning is in progress.
start key and

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