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Non-Recommended Paper Types - Lenovo M7208W User Manual

Multifunction laser printer
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3.2 Non-Recommended Paper Types

Do not use the following types of paper:
‹ Special paper for ink-jet printers
‹ Special paper for viscous inks
‹ Curled, folded or creased paper
‹ Twisted paper
‹ Corrugated paper
‹ Wet paper
‹ Dirty or torn paper
‹ Excessively dry paper that may produce static
‹ Printed paper except that with header/footer designs
‹ Paper printed by non-laser printers (e.g. monochrome or color copiers,
ink-jet printers, etc) in particular may cause failures
‹ Special paper such as thermal paper paper and carbon paper
‹ Paper weighing heavier or lighter than the limit
‹ Paper with windows, holes, perforations,cutouts,or embossing
‹ Adhesive label paper on which glue or base paper is exposed
‹ Paper with clips or staples
‹ Envelopes
• Poorly stored paper can cause paper misfeeds,print quality degradation,or
• Use of any of the paper types listed above may damage the product. Such
damage is not covered by the warranty from Lenovo (Beijing) Limited.

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