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Copying Problems - Lenovo M7208W User Manual

Multifunction laser printer
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11.6 Copying Problems

Photocopied paper is blank
Copied pages are too dark or
too light
Copied pages do not look the
same as the originals
Black spots appear when
photocopying a photographic
A moire pattern is produced
Photocopied paper is dirty
When copying from the
Scanner glass, the print
area of the copy is out of
alignment with the original
The paper size settings are
not match the paper loaded
The original was placed with the front and back
reversed. Refer to Chapter 5: Copying for
Loading Original.
Adjust the image density.
Select the correct scanning mode according to the
type of original.
• The original may have stuck onto the scanner
glass due to high humidity.
• Put the original on the scanner glass and place
another two or three sheets of white paper on
top of it.
• The cover of scanner glass is not closed when
copying, put the scanner cover down.
The original document probably has heavily lined
or dotted areas.
Switching the setting for image quality between
[Photo] and [Text/Photo] may eliminate the moire
The image density is too high. Adjust the
image density.
Toner on the printed surface of output is
not dry. Do not touch the printed surface
immediately after copying. Remove freshly
printed sheets one by one, taking care not to
touch the printed areas.
The scanner glass is dirty,clean the scanner
glass. Refer to Chapter 10: Machine
Maintenance for Cleaning Scanner Glass.
Make sure the toner or correction fluid is dry
before the original is placed on the scanner glass.
Place the original copy side down, making sure
that it is aligned to the rear left corner and pressed
flat against the scanner glass.
Check whether the paper size specified on the
machine matches that of the loaded paper.

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