Machine Maintenance; Maintaining The Toner Cartridge - Lenovo M7208W User Manual

Multifunction laser printer
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Machine Maintenance

10.1 Maintaining the Toner Cartridge

To extend the life of toner cartridges, note the following:
‹ Only remove the cartridge from its packaging just before its installation.
‹ Do not refill printer cartridges.
‹ The printer's warranty is voided when refilled cartridges are used.
‹ Store the cartridge in an environment similar to where the printer is placed. The
cartridge should be stored in the shade.
‹ To avoid damaging the cartridge, do not expose it to the sun for more than a few
Expected Life
The life of a cartridge depends on the intensity of use. Retail cartridge can print at least
1,500 pages when used for printing documents with 5% text coverage. (But the toner
cartridge supplied with the printer can print an average of 700 pages.)
‹ Using non-recommended paper can shorten the life of the cartridge and device
‹ Frequency of cartridge replacement varies with the type of document printed, print
media and print coverage.
Recycling the cartridge
‹ Separate used cartridges from household garbage and dispose them according to
local laws and regulations.
For more information, contact your local waste treatment agency. Reseal the
cartridge before disposal to prevent accidental toner spills.
‹ Place used cartridges on clean paper to prevent accidental spilling or scattering of
the toner.

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