Lenovo M7208W User Manual page 53

Multifunction laser printer
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You can change the scaling of printed images.
‹ Off
‹ Fit to Paper Size
‹ Custom Resize [25%-400%]
• When Fit to Paper Size or Custom Resize is selected, Multiple Pages or Booklet
Printing options are unavailable.
• A warning message will pop up.
Select this option to print a booklet with the duplex printing feature. The printer will
automatically arrange the pages in the required order. You only have to fold the printed
The following options are available on the Booklet dialog box.
‹ Booklet Creation Settings
Left Binding
Right Binding
‹ Booklet Printing Method
All Pages at Once
Divide into Sets
Select the Divide into Sets option to print a booklet as a set of smaller booklets.
The pages will be automatically ordered. You only have to fold the printed pages.
You can set the number of pages in each booklet set to between 1 to 15. This
option is very useful when printing booklets with many pages.
‹ Binding Offset
When Binding Offset is selected, you can assign a binding offset value in mm or
• When Booklet print is selected, a warning dialog box will pop up, and the Flip on
Long Edge feature will be activated.
• When Booklet print is selected, the Page Number function in Multiple Page and
the Header-Footer Print mode will not be available.

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