Removing Paper Jams - Lenovo M7208W User Manual

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If there are gaps between the paper and the paper guide, adjust the
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11.3 Removing Paper Jams

Paper jams may occur during printing. When the print media is stuck, you will be notified by an
error message from the VOP software and by the printer LED indictors.
Reasons for Paper Jams
‹ The paper is not correctly loaded in the feed tray, or too much paper has been
‹ The cover is open during printing.
‹ The paper used does not comply with the required specifications.
Refer to Chapter 3: Print Media for the supported paper types.
‹ The paper is too large or too small.
Refer to Chapter 3: Print Media for the supported paper types.
‹ When paper is jammed, the LED indicator will light up as follows:
Start indicator is off
Power indicator is red
‹ If the area where the paper is jammed is not immediately visible, check the inside
of the printer.
Paper Jams at the Paper Exit
• If the paper is jammed here, it can cause the toner to spill onto the paper. If your
clothes is stained with the toner, wash off the stain with cold water.
Hot water will set the toner into the fabric, making the stain difficult to remove.
• Load the paper upside down in the feed tray.
• Paper is damp. Use only paper that has been stored properly.

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