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Legal Prohibition - Lenovo M7208W User Manual

Multifunction laser printer
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Legal Prohibition

Please do not copy or print any item prohibited from copying by law.
In general, copying or printing the items below are regarded as illegal according to local
‹ Banknotes
‹ Revenue stamps
‹ Bonds or other debt certificates
‹ Bank books
‹ Compulsory military service documents or draft documents
‹ Stocks
‹ Bank drafts
‹ Checks
‹ Passport
‹ Driver's license
‹ Welfare documents
‹ Immigration documents
‹ Checks or drafts issued by government agencies
‹ Identity documents
‹ Badges or medals
‹ Stamps (either obsolete or not)
Works under copyright protection are not allowed to be copied. Some works under
copyright protection can be partially copied for "fair use". Multiple copies will be regarded
as improper use. Artworks are considered to be works under copyright protection.
The above list is for reference only and is not all-inclusive. The company is not liable for its
integrity and accuracy. If you have questions regarding the legality of copying or printing
an item, please consult a legal adviser.

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