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Chapter 5 Wiring; Precautions For Wiring - Mitsubishi Electric RD77MS2 User Manual

Melsec iq-r series simple motion module.
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Precautions for Wiring

The precautions for wiring the Simple Motion module are shown below. Execute the work following the precautions below.
Warning for wiring
• Completely turn off the externally supplied power used in the system before installation or wiring. Not doing so could result in electric shock or damage to the
Caution for wiring
• Check the layout of the terminals and then properly route the wires to the module.
• The external input wiring connector must be crimped or pressured with the tool specified by the manufacturer, or must be correctly soldered. Insufficient
connections may cause short circuit, fire, or malfunction.
• Be careful not to let foreign matter such as sawdust or wire chips get inside the module. These may cause fires, failure or malfunction.
• The top surface of the module is covered with protective films to prevent foreign objects such as cable off cuts from entering the module when wiring. Do not
remove this film until the wiring is complete. Before operating the system, be sure to remove the film to provide adequate ventilation.
• Securely connect the connector for SSCNET cable to the bottom connector on the module.
• When removing the cable from the module, do not pull the cable. Hold the connector that is connected to the module. Pulling the cable that is still connected
to the module may cause malfunction or damage to the module or cable.
• The external input/output signal cable and the communication cable should not be routed near or bundled with the main circuit cable, power cable and/or
other such load - carrying cables other than those for the PLC. These cables should be separated by at least 100 mm (3.94 inch) or more. They can cause
electrical interference, surges and inductance that can lead to mis-operation.
• The shielded cable for connecting Simple Motion module can be secured in place. If the shielded cable is not secured, unevenness or movement of the
shielded cable or careless pulling on it could result in damage to the Simple Motion module, servo amplifier or shielded cable or defective cable connections
could cause mis-operation of the unit.
• If the cable connected to the Simple Motion module and the power line must be adjacently laid (less than 100 mm (3.94 inch)), use a shielded cable. Ground
the shield of the cable securely to the control panel on the Simple Motion module side.
• Forcibly removal the SSCNET cable from the Simple Motion module will damage the Simple Motion module and SSCNET cables.
• After removal of the SSCNET cable, be sure to put a cap on the SSCNET connector. Otherwise, adhesion of dirt deteriorates in characteristic and it may
cause malfunctions.
• Do not remove the SSCNET cable while turning on the power supply of Simple Motion module and servo amplifier. Do not see directly the light generated
from SSCNET connector and the end of SSCNET cable. When the light gets into eye, may feel something wrong with eyes.(The light source of
SSCNET cable complies with class1 defined in JISC6802 or IEC60825-1.)
• If a power such as a major shock, lateral pressure, haul, sudden bending or twist is added to the SSCNET cable, it distorts or breaks inside and optical
transmission is not be available. Note that the short SSCNET cable can be twisted easily.
• Be sure to use the SSCNET cable within the range of operating temperature described in each servo amplifier instruction manual. Especially, as optical
fiber for MR-J3BUS_M and MR-J3BUS_M-A are made of synthetic resin, it melts down if being left near the fire or high temperature. Therefore, do not make
it touched the part which becomes high temperature, such as radiator or regenerative option of servo amplifier, or servomotor.
• When laying the SSCNET cable, be sure to secure the minimum cable bend radius or more.
• Put the SSCNET cable in the duct or fix the cable at the closest part to the Simple Motion module with bundle material in order to prevent SSCNET cable
from putting its own weight on SSCNET connector. When laying cable, the optical cord should be given loose slack to avoid from becoming smaller than
the minimum bend radius, and it should not be twisted. Also, fix and hold it in position with using cushioning such as sponge or rubber which does not contain
plasticizing material. If adhesive tape for bundling the cable is used, fire resistant acetate cloth adhesive tape 570F (Teraoka Seisakusho Co., Ltd) is
5.1 Precautions for Wiring


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