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f) Remove the slotted end of the smoker
burner from the opening in the rear
burner rail.
Slotted End Of Smoker Burner
REASSEMBLY NOTE: Make sure to position
the smoker burner with the ports facing up
when you reinstall it in the bracket.
3 . To remove the smoker burner gas valve:
a) Remove the control panel (see page
4-2 for the procedure).
b) Remove the front cover (see step 3c on
page 4-9 for the procedure).
Smoker Burner
In Bracket Slot
Smoker Ports
Facing Up
c) Remove the flex gas line connector
from the smoker burner gas valve.
d) Unscrew the smoker burner gas valve
from the manifold.
e) To replace the flex line between the
smoker burner gas valve and the
smoker burner, disconnect the line from
the 90° elbow at the burner.
• When you replace a gas valve, use an
appropriate thread sealant that is approved
for use with L.P. gas.
• Turn on the gas to the grill, and test all of the
connections by brushing on an approved
noncorrosive leak-detection solution.
Bubbles will indicate a leak. Correct any
leaks found.
Smoker Burner
Gas Valve
Flex Gas Line Connector
Smoker Burner
90° Elbow
Flex Gas Line Connector


Table of Contents

Table of Contents